About Us


Westran was established in 1983 to provide access to the Burlington Northern Railroad, now the BNSF for British Columbia mills and their customers.  BNSF offered lower rates along with shorter transit times to many US markets.  This attractive combination resulted in quick growth, but along the way, we’ve built a solid reputation for integrity and innovation with both customers and carriers.

In 1996, we opened our Surrey facility as a distribution centre for forest products, and soon became the premier export market container facility.  Our warehouse takes care of the products that need weather protection, while sheds provide cover for high valued products for overseas markets.

Continued growth in the export markets allowed us to open our Richmond facility in 2006, which is operated for a single customer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver consistently excellent performance in moving or transloading our customer’s products.

Westran knows lumber and forest products and how to get them to their destinations.  Our workforce is trained, experienced and equipped for productivity.  All Westran facilities are first-rate and designed to provide quality product care, and do so with efficiency and safety being our core principles.

We’re flexible, innovative and able to respond quickly and efficiently to changing requirements.  We’ve invested in the best equipment and technologies to meet your needs.

In every aspect of our operations, in each business transaction, our integrity and dedication to a customer driven approach makes Westran the first choice in transportation services.

With Westran You’re Always on Track.


Westran has been successful in attracting and retaining the best people available.  You can be confident that our experienced staff will take care of your shipments and when you call, you can always expect a friendly greeting.

We not only look after your shipment, we look after all the shipping information on a confidential basis.  If problems occur, we fix them.

The people you deal with at Westran are experienced in dealing with producers, distributors and carriers. You can trust us to take care of your shipments and make you look good in the eyes of your customers.

What Can We Do For You?

We are creatively responsive to customer needs.  While lumber and forest products is our primary business focus, we also touch volumes in metals, construction materials and other industrial products.  Our Surrey and Richmond facilities were grown in response to a single customer’s need, so if your needs are out of the ordinary, let Westran create a unique solution for you!